Please allow me to introduce my ministry and myself.  As a result of the faithful witness of my brother, I received Christ as my Savior in September 1974 as a 19-year-old young man.  I was called to preach within three months of my salvation.  Having grown up in a Catholic family, I knew nothing about Baptist churches but the Lord led me to get baptized and join a Fundamental Baptist Church within four months of my salvation.  I attended their Bible Institute for one year and then attended Hyles-Anderson College from January 1976 to August 1981.  I received a Bachelors degree in Pastoral Theology and a Masters degree in Educational Administration.  I also met and married my wife, Linda, while in college. 

Between 1982 and 1996 I was a pastor of two different churches: one in Iron Mountain, MI for four years, and another in Bremer, IA for seven years.  I also was a school administrator for two years in Lansing, MI between 1986 and 1988.  In 1996 I took a trip to Nigeria because I had heard it was a good idea for pastors to take at least one mission’s trip.  Little did I know how that trip would change my life.  It was during that trip that God gave me a vision for this ministry.

In 1996 I resigned my church, sold my house and used that money to start my overseas trips as a Missionary-Evangelist going to different countries working with missionaries and national pastors in starting churches, holding revivals, expanding church ministries, and doing the work of an evangelist. I have preached scores of mission conferences in the United States challenging churches to in increase their giving to missionaries. In March of 2005 I became a field representative for FBMI, the mission board of the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. In 2013 I became the FBMI Field Service Coordinator for the Western Hemisphere. The monthly support I receive makes it possible for me to continue this ministry. You will find the results of my trips on this website. I ask you to please read the recommendations given herein. Contact me if you feel I could be a help to your church. I can be reached at 319-461-3321.  

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Sending Church
First Baptist Church
507 State Street
Hammond, IN 46310
Phone # 219-932-0711
Home Church
Marion Avenue Baptist Church
215 S. Marion Ave.
Washington, IA 52353
Phone # 319-653-4113
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