Dear Brother James:
We can hardly express our appreciation to you for the great things God has done to our church.  Our place was shaken. Revival has come to our church. Salvation became a reality to many. Our dreams are coming true.  
What a great God we serve. Thank you for giving to us your precious time, effort, and even your own money in order that we can have revival and precious souls saved in our area. Our hearts are crying out with joy.  Words of thanksgiving are not enough to express our gratitude to you. God is just awesome, wonderful, and amazing.  We are looking forward to the next time you can come again to this other side of the globe and minister to us once more.  
My family and the entire church express our sincere “Thank you.”

Pastor Fred Simeon
Toledo City,Cebu, Philippines

Dear Brother,
It is my great honor to recommend to pastors, missionaries, and churches all over the world my friend, Evangelist Jim Belisle. In 2012 Brother Belisle came and preached our 5th Annual Great Commission Meeting. He has returned many times since then and has preached our missions conference, taught in our seminary and preached chapel, traveled seven hours from our city by bus to help plant a church, preached during evangelistic film shows, and joined our people in soul-winning and visitation. Bro. Jim's effectiveness is due to his unique combination of experience as a pastor for many years and a world-traveling evangelist to many nations, thereby giving him a thorough understanding of the missionary's perspective. It has been refreshing to see how Evangelist Belisle arrives to any place of service as a co-laborer free of any previously established agenda. Having no ambition to take the credit, he is already prepared and capable to do whatever is asked of him. Bro. Jim Belisle is someone I would recommend for any type of meeting or conference for missionaries and U.S. pastors.
Missionary Mark Holmes
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear pastor,
     I have known Bro. Jim Belisle for 20years. Over the
past five years of my pastorate here, God has used Bro. Belisle as a
key leader in our church. He is an outstanding preacher and I always
look forward to having him preach for me. God is using Bro. Belisle
through his missionary evangelism ministry as he travels to foreign
countries. Thousands have come to know Christ through his ministry.
Please consider supporting Bro.Jim Belisle monthly from your mission’s
budget so the work of God can go forward.
                Pastor Joseph Brown
                Marion Ave. Baptist Church, Washington, IA

Dear Brother,
Jim Belisle has done what I expected him to do.  He has
been tremendously used of God in missionary excursions to the regions
beyond.  Hundreds upon hundreds of people have been saved, missionaries
have been encouraged and God has gotten the glory.We are so glad that we can have a part in his support and I want to encourage you to use him.  You will find him to be a good preacher that you can use in
your services.  If your song leader is gone, he is also a good song
leader. Jim Belisle is a happy, blessed man of God with an excellent
family that’s worthy of your support.  I sure hope you’ll consider to
at least giving him a chance to share what God has done through him.
Evangelist Larry Brown
Marion Ave. Baptist Church, Washington, IA

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